About Us

Bad Credit Payday Loans is a reliable microfinance company that has been operating for several years already. In 2017, the company became a laureate of the top-online lenders award providing quality financial services, and the award for its contribution to the development of microloan services. With the help of the online application, you can not only apply for a loan, but also immediately pay for the utilities or taxes.


  • Instant processing of the online application;
  • Operational support service;
  • Promotions and bonuses for regular borrowers;
  • Extension for payment of interest;
  • Visa, MasterCard are accepted;
  • Help in correcting bad credit history;
  • Diverse ways of issuing and paying it back;
  • Short-term and long-term loans;
  • For regular customers – large amounts and acceptable terms;
  • Low requirements for the borrower.

Terms of loans online with bad credit history

We approve online applications of clients with bad credit score in almost 100% of cases. To receive funds, you do not need to take a certificate of income, negotiate with friends or relatives so that they act as guarantors, specify the goals for which the amount was required, wait for a security check. In Bad Credit Payday Loans, you can urgently take a loan within 30 minutes after submitting an application.

The service is available to a wide range of people. Students, pensioners, disabled people, multi-child family, and women on parental leave can borrow money. The main requirement that our company imposes on borrowers is the availability of a source of income that allows them to repay the loan on time.

Microfinance institutions do not require proof of income. The very fact of their presence is important. Microfinance is used by people who are not officially employed: tutors, taxi drivers, programmers, handymen, repairmen and those who independently manufacture and sell goods.

How to get a loan with bad credit history?

A loan with a bad credit score is easy to get online. The consultant will answer your questions in detail (online through feedback form), tell you about the features of each product, then offer to fill out an application and sign an agreement.

The choice of MFI must be approached responsibly. The company must be entered in the state register, have a good rating, positive feedback from real customers, branches in different cities of the country.

A verified company is a guarantee that the interest rate per month in the process of providing the service will remain unchanged, the terms of the contract will be met, the final amount will not increase.